Tuesday, April 21, 2009

This Is Just To Say

I did not grade
your papers
or quizzes

Which you
have been
asking about
the last three weeks

Forgive me
the blogs
were seductive
and many


MommyTime said...

Dear Anon,

I WISH WISH WISH I had been smart enough to write it. I lived it. But I wasn't clever enough to write it. Thank you for making my day.

Your sister in end-of-semester purgatory.

merideth said...

ssw needs a "like" button. b/c i like this poem very much, but my comment to say so just proves i am way less clever than the poster. a simple "like" or "thumbs up" would do the trick.

Marinka said...

Merideth---if you like a post, you can always stumble it, twitter it or use any of the other social media buttons on the bottom. You could also buy me some ice cream, because although I didn't write that wonderful poem, I really, really like ice cream.

Teacher Mommy said...

Um, OK, so like I totally meant to include my name and link as the author of this poem (no really, I am--check my blog, it's there), but I'm techno-stupid enough to have forgotten to say so. I am also attention-hungry enough to come back and say so.

So here I am. :D