Sunday, April 26, 2009

Very confused

Very Confused

So, I just wanted to vent for a moment and confess.

I am in no way shape or form technologically savvy.

I just started to text like 3 months ago. It was pissing off my family that I would call them instead of just ordering them around via text. I actually wanted to hear their voices.... They stopped answering me, and after leaving over 100 messages on various voice mails (note to all: 17 year old boys do not check their voice mails because 17 years girls do not leave messages)

I finally broke down, bought a phone with a key board and began to text. Not that I'm any good at it. I must be sitting still with no distractions, like in a parked car with the radio off for them to make any sense what so ever. God forbid if I try to text while driving! They look like this… "wh34s r u" My kids think I'm cursing at them.

So I have learning to stop doing that and probably save my life and possibly somebody else’s.
But now.. in addition to texting and a blog I have been sucked into the world of Facebook.

I have a very basic understanding of this whole situation. But I really like to see all my friends and their pictures and take some random pointless quiz that tells me what alcoholic beverage I am most like. (By the way I am sitting at work with very few distractions and still spelled alcoholic so bad spell check couldn't even give me a clue.)
So this morning with nothing to do at work, I started thinking about Facebook, and how cool it would be if I could say... Twitter, or check out what everybody is doing with my cell phone. So I thought I might try and set this up. Turns out my youngest son has already set up his Facebook and Myspace pages on my cell phone. He lost his due to lack of homework completion, so stole mine in order to keep in touch. I had hoped this would make it easier for me, the phone already knows how to find this stuff. Not so much.

I can't even sign in, I don't know how to make the phone do a _ then I realize the my phone only has 1 bar left, so not near enough battery left to deal with my stupidity. So I guess I'll just have to live with only getting on Facebook at home, in my tropical paradise, with a glass of wine next to me and lying to my husband telling him I'm doing homework.

I did homework for 3 hours last night. Whew I'm dedicated.
The thing that really pisses me off about this whole situation, the lack of texting ability, the lack of spelling ability, the inability to work the cell phone as well as a 13 year old. Is that it is just one more indication that I'm turning into my mother. Who cannot spell her first name right every time and just this year got a cell phone that actually fits into her purse and weighs less than 5 lbs.



Mom of Three said...

I'm there with ya!

Good luck with that!! said...

You are not!! You can do all of this stuff.