Monday, May 4, 2009

anon whine

Yes, we paid multiple thousands of dollars for season Symphony tickets and I appreciate that we can do this.
Yes, I would rather not go hear Manhattan Fucking Transfer sing Thursday night in favor of going to hear my 6 year old son sing in his school program, which I know will last too long, involve other people's overrated kids, and smell funny because it's in the caf-a-gym-a-torium.
But I'd still rather go see my kid and waste the precious expensive goddamn tickets.
I'm sorry you don't feel the same.
Also note: When you buy season tickets you can't possibly know every goddamn conflict with every goddamn school event that might possibly occur over the next year.  THAT would be why we had no plans for a school event Thursday night.  Duh.


Marinka said...

So you're trapped going to one or the other, huh? Because I think 30 Rock is going to be new that night.

42pennies said...

Man, who wouldn't rather go to hear their six year old sing?

Lynn C Mama to 3 said...

Wow. I would rather get my eyebrows threaded and my uterus scraped than do either one.