Saturday, May 30, 2009


I hate my neighbors and their holier-than-thou attitude. So why is it when my eight-year-old decides to let the F-bomb fly, it has to be in front of their children? I swear, she’s never even said that before at home. And why is it that the whole gang of them just couldn’t wait to march over here to get her into trouble?

Only, you know what? She wasn’t in trouble. I believed her when she said it just slipped out. I know I’m gullible but it’s not like it’s a felony. I’m kind of from the “the more of a big deal we make of this, the more of a big deal it becomes to say that word ALL THE TIME” school of thought.

Still, did it have to be in front of them?

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Kimberly said...

Yes it did. Sometimes our neighbors bring out the worst in us. And just for the record - fuck is just a fun word to say.