Friday, May 1, 2009

Casual Friday

Call me old fashion, call me a bitch, call me something, but I just
don't agree with Casual Friday. What more causal do you need that
"Business Casual"? And BTW, it is called Casual Friday, not I am going
to Clean out the Garage Friday. For the Love of GOD -- How in the world
did you think, when you woke up this morning, that sneakers, wrinkly
jeans and a wrinkled, untucked shirt was OK to wear to work?????? WE
work at a Fortune 5 company not 7/11 - Sweet Jesus!! I will totally call
you out on it -- who am I -- some one who CARES!!! Really -- would it
kill you to wear a belt!!! You are 35!!! We do not work at some hip
company like eBay or Yahoo -- and if I have to see you tramp stamp when
you bend over -- you shirt is too short!!!! Thank you and have a great,
shirt tucked in, day.


Anonymous said...

ha....sounds like my office....Fortune 500 and all.....lmao

SheBloggs said...

Man, I wore my flip flops to the office today.. shucks *snapping my finger.. lol

Anonymous said...

sorry I had to roll my eyes at this one

Anonymous said...

Does "business casual" mean you can wear jeans? If so, then yeah you just don't need casual friday. If not... Well then you must work with me :P
~Missing My Jeans