Friday, May 1, 2009

Dear B*tch at the Front Desk of the Dr's office

I know you know me, and I know you know my boyfriend, because we see you almost once a week since I go up there to give the doctor more background medical information so he can help figure out what the F is wrong with my boyfriend, because we have numerous appointments for the doctor to run more labs on his blood, and because I go up there to pick up my boyfriends analysis because he doesn't have time.

You know that my boyfriend has a serious, almost debilitating disease that the doctor is going out of his way to figure out, to the point of looking over the files over the weekend during his personal time.  So, it's not like I'm calling as some stranger to request oddball illegal shit.

I called to ask you very politely to fax over the latest blood tests so that the new doctor from a VERY prestigious school can help figure out what the F has my boyfriend in the hospital once a month for the last YEAR AND A HALF so that it's one less test we have to pay for and have performed later and I get attitude.  Not only do you say that you need the doctors consent (to have it sent straight the fuck over to the other doctor's office), but you also inform me that he won't be in until 9:30 AM on MONDAY and our appointment is at 8:00 AM on MONDAY.

You allow me (the girlfriend, not wife, sibling, etc, you get the point) to pick up papers with all kinds of information about my boyfriend to bring home, violating HIPPA all over the place, but you won't send it from one doctor's office to another?????

I've contacted over 5 hospitals to have records sent over and NONE OF THEM had to get the doctor's approval before sending it over.


Your very grateful to the doctor patient.

PS I won't even complain about the fact that you've got a sour attitude EVERY TIME we are there even though we are more than polite.

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