Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Context: English 11 class is taking a quiz after viewing Much Ado About Nothing, answering questions about the play, and doing some activities around the text. The title has been prominently displayed, not to mention mentioned, throughout the week.

Young Idiot: Ms. TeacherMommy? There's a typo here.

TeacherMommy (gasping with dismay):
Where? Where, for the love of God!?!?!
Young Idiot (pointing to the top of the quiz): Right here.
TeacherMommy (puzzled): Where? I don't see anything.
Young Idiot: Right there! That word!
He points to the second word in the title. As in "Ado."
Young Idiot: It's supposed to be "Much TO DO About Nothing!"
TeacherMommy: *bangs head against dry erase board, speechless*

You know what they say about there being no stupid questions?

Yeah. They're wrong.


42pennies said...


Marinka said...


Reminds me of a moron in my class who asked when we were going to read "Malcolm the Tenth".

CSY said...

If he's blonde he has the PERFECT excuse...what?! Being blode lets you get away with SO much!!!!

Teacher Mommy said...

Nope. Not blond. Very dark brunette.

And this is a regular occurence with him. And it's my second year in a row with him in my class.

Thus the head banging.

MommyTime said...

This would make me crazy. And make me laugh. Like when my students refer to the Mid Evil period (as opposed to Early Evil?) or think that Charles Dickens wrote in Old English, and that's why his sentences are so difficult to read.