Friday, May 22, 2009

Double Standards


When enforcing a "new" office policy...ALL employees should be held accountable. Your "faves" shouldn't get to choose which ones they feel apply to them. I am tired of being told that time CAN NOT be made up by coming in early or staying late, and then watching one of your little pets leaving at 4pm 3 out 5 days a week while he "makes up" the time by coming in at 7am. I request the use of PT time on Friday use 3 hours Friday afternoon and you give me a hard time with not enough notice!! It is a holiday weekend.....ALL the clients we deal with are on holiday...and 90% of the office is as well. There is no work coming in today......would you rather me sit at my desk surfing the web on company time??? I would think you would rather me take some PT . So thanks.........thanks for approving my request with your backed handed way of making it seem like I am doing something grossly are a great boss......


"Abuser" of PT

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