Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Enjoy the Bagels You Bought for Your Boss

Hey guy in the bagel shop -
Thanks a ton for demanding that your order be made before the orders of everyone in front of you in line because 'it's the simplest' and you were in a hurry.  As if putting up with your sighing and pacing about the line wasn't enough, you had to go and open your mouth, proving to us all that you truly are a douchebag.  Let me point out to you that there were exactly two people in front of you in line - a nice, elderly woman who ordered a cup of coffee, and me, who ordered a single bagel.  So you were dead wrong that your order of 15 different bagels was the simplest.  You just made an old woman wait (unacceptable), and you made me late for a meeting because your demand flustered the staff so much that they didn't know which way was up after you left.  The clenched jaw and icy stare when you looked my direction?  Not an accident.
You're clearly so much higher than I am in the corporate hierarchy, Bagel Bitch. 
Maybe one day you'll realize that being less of an asshat will get you further.  Just don't look to anyone like me to recommend you for a real job that doesn't involve running errands and picking up food for the entire office.
Miss Em


Manic Mommy said...

Are you kidding me?! I can't believe someone would have the balls to pull that off!

joanie said...

And the reason the staff TOOK his order ahead of the others??? time for a letter to the owner/mgr - there is no excuse. ( and if you ALLOWED someone to line jump ahead of you instead of politely saying "no, I am next" then you deserve what you got )

Em said...

I had already ordered, he just demanded that they make his before mine. I should have said something to him...