Monday, May 4, 2009

Food for Thought

You ask me what is wrong, when you call to tell me you and the kids are stopping to pick up Chinese food.
You are unemployed. We just found out we can't sell our second home without losing our asses on it when we pay the taxes.
I am filling out financial aid papers for the kids.
You wonder, why do I lose my appetite. My version would be to go to the store and buy some less expensive food.... make it from scratch even. Not you, Mr. Fun (unfucking employed) Dad.
I am always the meanie and you are Mr. Fun.
I am so fed up with it!


Anonymous said...

I am SO with ya on that.


Another Bad (and Cheap) Mother.

Liz Lancs said...

Agreed - men suck.

They wouldn't know how to save money if their lives depended on it.

Anonymous said...

hey, what's my husband doing w/ your kids?!