Sunday, May 3, 2009

For whining out loud,

I don't care what you did today
I hate diary blogs. I can't understand how these people think that we want to read about their boring lives everyday. "Little Johnny got up and went to school and I went shopping for cat food, blah blah blah."
At least tie your daily non-tidbits to something bigger or something philosophical. Make me laugh, make me think, make me cry, make me envious of your writing talent. But, please, please, please stop posting your mundane daily dairy entries online. Because all you're doing is making me whine.
p.s. great idea for a blog, although you're making me whine too...


MacBug said...

and yet? I'm a bit guilty of the diary blog- 'cause I don't think anyones readin it but me anyway

Marinka said...

I KNOW! And what gets me the most is that I sit there reading it. Like "Ooh, I wonder how it worked out for her at the supermarket."

TUC said...

Hi MacBug... after this comment left here I had to go read your diary.

Did you already get the tat? It might hurt more twenty years from now when it looks crappy and dates you so that everyone who sees it can immediately guess your age no matter if you dye your hair and get botox. (speaking from a lot of experience on this topic)

You get followers by A). Getting a little more edgy (not racy, edgy) B). Turning your everyday stuff into compelling stories that have a point, and C). Visiting a lot of other blogs kinda like your own and leaving a lot of comments which sparks interest in you and draws visitors. Gooduck with it, and p.s., go follow my blog, LOL.

Anonymous said...

uh-oh. i thought it was ok to use the blog as a diary. that's what i do. it's online, yeah, but not written for any other reason than to record my boring everyday life...for me!

i think instead of whining, i'd just not read that particular blog...

toggling the anon button b/c now i'm terrified someone will go to my blog and be bored!

MacBug said...

Tuc: I'm nothing if not pointless. That said..
a: Yes I got the tat. I've been wanting it for years and holding of util I found exactly what I wanted and who I wanted to do it.
b:thanks for the advice.
I generally folly blogs I find amusing. I'll peruse your's deeper in a bit- I just glanced (cute kids)

SheBloggs said...

Ya know, I don't like the journal blogs either, but people lives are different.. some are boring and some are not.. so maybe you just stop reading that one? I know one girl who blogs and her mundane is my insane.. it's great reading.