Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hirsute Harriet

Apparently, it isn’t enough that I shave once a month (for the benefit of the massage therapist – the boyfriend has been around so long he doesn’t rate that consideration).  The weather is making it necessary to wear shorts so now I’ll have to shave every day.  Ugh!!  I wish I had listened to my mom and never started shaving.



Miz Q said...

Do you really think our moms were right about that??

Since probably NONE of us listened to that advice, we'll probably never know lol

merideth said...

i can top that - my cousin convinced me (when we were 12) to shave my big toe. don't ask me why anyone would ever want to try it . . . but we did. and now? i have to shave my big toes or they look like a man's knuckle. niiice.

Anonymous said...

I wax my big toes. I'm very glad I'm not the only out there with the big toe problem.

Anonymous said...

I think our moms were totally right about that one! The hair was so fine and light and barely detectable; after years of shaving, my hair grows in like I'm Zorba the Greek . . . and I'm fair of hair and skin.

Anonymous said...

The hair was so fine becuase you were a child.

If you hadn't shaved, it would be just the same.

The only difference that shaving really makes is that the end of the hair is blunt and harsh rather than tapered as it would be if you'd never shaved.

You can get the taper back by having a wax. The regrowth will be tapered.

Sometimes, the amount of hair is due to hormonal imbalance.

I must have terribly imbalanced hormones.

Sasquatch said...

Anonymous 3 is completely correct. And genetics trumps every time. If you are born to hairy people, you become hairy people. Of all the things I inherited from my father, I like the beard the least!