Friday, May 1, 2009

I DO Have a Land Line, You Know

And you can even call it! 

I know that sounds like a shocking idea.  But remember back in the day?  Back before we had cell phones?  Back when we had to write letters to each other in order to communicate?  Then came phones with looooooongggg cords attached to walls.  Handy for walking around the kitchen and doing dishes while chatting.  Then came the intense novelty of answering machines.  Actual machines.  That you plugged into the wall.  And then we finally got all high tech with digital voice mail and cell phones and 8 frajillion other ways to stay connected at all times.  But here's the cuckoo nutty thing: if I don't answer my cell when you call, and I don't call you back when you leave a message, and that happens for five or six days, don't you think PERHAPS, just perhaps, the problem might be that I've lost the damn thing?  Or that the battery is dead and the charger is broken?  Or that there is actually a reason I CAN'T get your message?  And that if you really wanted to talk to me, instead of leaving a dozen increasingly frustrated messages on my cell, you might try calling my actual home phone number ONCE and *gasp* leaving a message there too?

Because, honestly, there are weeks when I have too much to do to remember to charge the stupid cell phone battery.

But my home phone?  It always works.

And I will call you back.

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