Monday, May 11, 2009

I hate insurance

I just realized that my insurance doesn't cover any pregnancy related stuff. As in appointments, labor or any hospital stay. Not that it matters, as I'm no longer pregnant, but I hope to be again one day. I pay through the nose for this insurance, because of a pre-existing condition and they still cover nothing.

FYI - My pre-existing condition is Asthma. God forbid I had something worse, I'd have never found insurance. And people wonder why so many people go insured.

Insurance SUCKS!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I had an insurance company try to not to cover my birth control and yearly exams because I was "using them for acne purposes". Uhh no. I was able to get that fixed luckily. Stupid insurance companies !

Liz Lancs said...


Unfortunately, its just hugs because I don't know what else to say :(

Oklahoma said...

Oh YES. you have to add on maternity coverage to your policy to get that.. Even add on about a year prior to expecting.. Like we know when it will happen or something. I understand your frustrations. I sell Ins., and I hate having to tell the price of Health insurance! Booo!!