Saturday, May 16, 2009

I lost 5 games of Wii tennis to my daughter yesterday

and then I thought that I was having a stroke because my arm was sore/numb. But no, it was from the Wii.

And then I lost 800 games of Wii baseball to my son, but only because I thought that I was pitching, but I was really at bat. Like, am I just supposed to know that I'm batting just because my Mii is standing there with a bat?!


Anna Lefler said...

I almost mowed down an entire platoon of born-again Koreans (and their XXL van) yesterday when I lapsed into a MarioKart flashback on the way to buy gourmet dog treats at Petco. If only I'd absorbed one of those special power mushrooms I'd have racked 'em up, too.

Every single one of 'em.


P.S. I really want that first-place cup. I mean bad.

262mom said...

I suck at Wii.

Kiara said...

Don't worry, I am not used to playing with Wii too. Still need some time to practice more playing Download Games using that console. Good luck to us! :)