Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ice Cream

I just had an ice cream bar and instead of feeling refreshed, I feel stuffed. Maybe I need another one for that "refreshed" feeling? And does anyone else think of douche when they hear "refreshed"?


Anonymous said...

I think of the browser's refresh button. Ohh am I addicted to the internet?

Megan Light said...

I think of vodka.

Anonymous said...

Massengil does come to mind. But really, I think of an ice cold Corona with a lime while I swing in a hammock, a cool sea breeze sweeping in from off the shore while I read a novel, my kids safe and happy, napping soundly on a blanket in the shade of a coconut tree. When I glance up from my juicy novel the scenery consists of strapping men playing beach volleyball. I sip my Corona and smile.

Anonymous said...


**That deep announcer voice**
She is: The Most Interesting Woman Alive
**Female voice**
And I prefer Corona with a lime.