Thursday, May 14, 2009

Let's play a game. Put your arms straight out, like you're an airplane. Now twirl around in a circle. Just once. You don't actually need to take off. All that air you touched? Let's call that your personal space.

Now pretend I did the same thing. We're going to call that air my personal space. Do you see the difference? It's there if you look really hard. I'll give you a hint: One is YOURS and one is MINE. Hows about you stay in YOURS and I'll stay in MINE. See how nicely we can co-exist?

You know what? You got that so quickly I think we might even try something I like to call advanced personal space. Pretend you need something that is in my personal space. Can you think of some words that you might use? No, not grunting. Maybe excuse me? See how I just stop and let you go? And it barely hurt, right?

That's probably enough for today. Sleep on that and we can try some more lessons in basic human behavior tomorrow.

xo, ShallowGal


Lynn C Mama to 3 said...

For the next class can you add "let's not breathe on each other when we're talking, because I can stil hear you even if you're 12 inches away from my face" to your syllabus?


ShallowGal said...


That's really not taught until AP personal space.

Teacher Mommy said...

Hmmm. Here's the thing: I grew up in a country where personal space is MUCH smaller. Like a foot-and-a-half between people. Totally different concept. Here in the States, I feel like we're just pulling away from each other and shouting across this massive chasm. It kind of bothers me, to tell the truth.

I try to split the difference. That way we can both be uncomfortable.