Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Like finding a needle in a fieldtrip

I arranged the bus, sent out the notes, made the reminder calls, and attended the fieldtrip. Parents, for the love of Pete, you only had to do two things. One... bring your kid to school to get on the bus. Two... pay the damn $14 for the fieldtrip. Why do I have to call you (again), and ask for the money. I still have to put it all together to send into the school. Most parents were apologetic. But the worst was a dad that basically hung up on me after I finished my trying to be tactful pay up speech... Wonder if the SOB will even send in the money? 

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Anonymous said...

sounds like my job, except i just arrange meetings for grown men and then have to hand walk them to said meeting if then can't arrive on time - for that i went to college!!!!!