Friday, May 8, 2009

No Mother's Day for You

Dear Joyce-
  Please do us all a favor and try not to take too much credit on Mother's Day, as all signs point to your slackass job of raising your kids. Your son has been unemployed for an entire year now with no prospects on the horizon.  And I guess it is a good thing that your daughter in law IS smarter than all of you because SHE has been and still is the one keeping things afloat. But we know you are SO busy taking care of your illegitimate grandaughter, since you forgot to tell your daughter the importance of keeping her legs together. Especially when you are already a 40 year old single mother barely scraping by.  And quit passing yourself off as a Republican - you're not conservative- you just suffer from living your whole life in a crapass small town - and that's not the same thing.
Dontcha wish he hadn't married me?


Marinka said...

yeah, at some point adult kids are responsible for their own actions.
And being born to an unwed mother doesn't make a child "illigitimate"

Anonymous said...

I think that now its 2009, we should be beyond criticizing whether a child has been born in or out of wedlock.

However, I do accept your point that this lady has brought up her kids to not be responsible enough to plan their breeding and be able to provide for their own family.

And I agree with Marinka, a parent can't be held responsible forever for what their adult child does. But, if she'd imparted good morals and ethics on the child, he'd be beter able to make wise judgements.

Arrrggghhh - I dunno - she sounds like a nasty lady, but I'm not sure all of it's all her fault any more. Perhaps.