Friday, May 8, 2009


Here I did an absolutely fabulous Fashion Friday post (OK, so I did it on Thursday, but it so totally counts) in preparation for Big Mama's Fashion Friday Mr. Linky-fest, and now she's not doing it.  She's taking a summer hiatus.
I could almost hate her, except she's still fabulous.  So I can't.
So I'm posting the link here instead.  It's fabulous--all the jewelry I think children and spouses SHOULD be getting us for Mother's Day.  If you want some great ideas to keep in your arsenal, or actually need to get ideas for your own mothers (it better be for next year, losers, because it's THIS SUNDAY), head over and check it out.
Because I just may cry if all that work went for nothing.


Teacher Mommy said...

Aludra--couldn't email you since you commented anonymously, but I ended up answering your question and even doing a mini-post about it! Check out

Andy - Instafather said...

I can understand that- it sucks doing a bunch of work and then no one shows up/reads/uses it.