Wednesday, May 27, 2009


please post anonymously ...

i really can't handle this queasy-all-day feeling.
the thought of eating lunch in the teacher's lounge makes me cringe. the thought of eating dinner makes me gag. the thought of making another peanut butter and jelly makes me want to run to the nearest restroom. my husband's smacking of his lips while eating his french toast almost threw me over the edge completely.
and to be totally and completely starving on top of all of that queasy! but only for things i normally HATE. cake (with frosting). beef roast. salami sandwiches. hot dogs. brownies (with sprinkles). argh.
and can i please stop being a bitch and stop having overly vivid dreams now?

why is it that potentially pregnant symptoms show up before you can ever really take a test to see if that's really the case?

and ... i'm not sure that i'm ready for another one. we didn't plan this.
but i guess we didn't NOT plan this either.

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SheBloggs said...


You. took. the. words. right. out. of. my. mouth.

I've been queasy, and having crazy vivid dreams.. and also been a bitch! It's weired how things that never use to make me queasy or piss me off.. makes me quesy and piss me off..

Like.. non-food items but actions, like logging on to my facebook. When the site pops up I wanna barf! or eating my shredded wheat, I can't let it get too soggy now. It never mattered before!

Smells.. have you gotten to that part yet? I damn near suffocated myself with 2 sprays of my Ralph Lauren. Trash, starts to stink, it's out the house no matter what day of the week it is.. Husbands musk.. Don't come near me without even a thought of a shower..

Ok.. sorry so long, but I'm preggo relating. Totally understand.