Monday, May 4, 2009

speed limit

i live in a smallish town; our speed limit is 25- and guess what? i go like 30, 35 ish on my street because hey-it's MY street. So why did some douchbag driver inSIST on speeding up to my bumper going 50? and when i continued to go ABOVE the speed limit, why did they speed around me; get in front of me then fucking SLAM on their brakes so hard i had to swerve to miss the ass of their car!!!!???? WHO FUCKING DOES THAT! they came to a COMPLETE stop.  i have a CHILD- A 2 YEAR- old in my car. what gives you the right to almost kill both of us?  and when i chase you down to the red light you got caught at (btw-congratulations-you made it to a red light)  and proceed to get out of my car to scream at you don't give ME the finger like it was my fault. i just want you to know what your doing when you mess with people's lives like that.
fucking jersey.

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