Sunday, May 3, 2009

Stop Looking So Comfortable!

It's really annoying to me when I have to get up and do 10,000 chores and the cat is all stretched out on the bed looking comfy and cozy. Shouldn't she be risking her life hunting for a mouse or something? Maybe I need to buy some.


ShallowGal said...

I've met that cat and she ain't getting up to chase a mouse. You need to buy some rats.

xoxo, SG

MacBug said...

mine kills roaches- but still manages to look insolent and comfortable when I'm doing something important. Especially if he's laying oh so comfie on that something important.

Anonymous said...

I found my cat in the living room yesterday lying on the couch and WATCHING a silver fish crawl across the floor. She then gave me a look as if to say..."Why is there an insect in my palace? Kill it now wench and then bring me some wet food and scratch my tummy until I fall asleep."