Thursday, May 21, 2009

They. Are. Driving. Me. Crazy.

(And there isn't that much of a distance to go to begin with.)
My kidlets WILL NOT STAY IN BED at night.  Two hours of putting them back. Every night.  And it's no use to say maybe they just need to have a later bedtime, because they still pop out of bed at an unholy hour each morning regardless of how late they fell asleep, and so now they're just constantly cranky and whiny because they're not getting enough sleep.
As a bonus, however, it's getting me my exercise.


Anonymous said...

i can remember those days......*sigh*....mine is now 13 and i can safely day he sleeps through the night IN his OWN bed!!! LOL.. So safe to say they will grow out of it!!!Ha Ha...I actually just got fed up and let him sleep with me when he was little. Around age 8 i kicked him out...with a little bit of push back but overall it went ok!!! I feel a good nights rest is sooo much more important then where they sleep!!!!

Manic Mommy said...

My four year old gave up naps at 2. He still needs them and is unbearable after 6:30 at night. Like you, regardless of bedtime, he's up at the crack of dawn.

Anonymous said...

As an ex-nanny, I know there *is* a way to cure this, but as a mother, I could never actually do it.

You need to be VERY firm. You need to begin this during the daytime. Tell them that starting in a couple of days, there are going to be some new rules. Talk about it, and explain the new bedtime behaviour rule. Decide on a treat that they can earn if they stick to the new procedures, something small, just in case you end up having to give the treat most days for a couple of weeks!
Explain that 7:30pm is bedtime, and after that time, they are allowed to go to the toilet, and NOTHING else. Remove everything "fun" from the bedroom, and at 7pm give them supper and a small drink of milk.

Get them in to the bedroom by 7:15pm and read a short story, chat about what you all plan to do the next day, remind about the reward for going straight to sleep & wish them sweet dreams and leave.

If they get out, you have to be VERY firm with them. They MUST go back to bed. No hugs or cuddles. March them straight back. Explain that there's no point making a fuss, because they absolutely will NOT win this one, and walk out again and close the door. It's fine to check on them, but you really have to be harsh, no smiling or waving, no kisses - they've already done that before 7:30pm.

Some books even go as far as saying you could tie the door handle to the banister with a skipping rope, but I'm not so sure that's a good idea (Safety Reasons)

The 1st week is absolute hell. They scream, they cry, they sometimes even get so upest that they puke (especially if you've never been this firm about anything before) and its all a manipulation attempt. Simply explain that you still love them, and you're still always there for them, but they must learn that bedtime is bedtime, and there are no exceptions.

As a mother, this tore me down. I couldn't bear to see my children so upset. But as a nanny I can say that it really did work. But you have to be especially nice during the day so the kids don't hate you! And whether you're a mother or a nanny, you must never just leave them. Always listen out for

The chilren have to be old enough to understand what you tell them, so no younger than 3yrs.

The children are FAR from stupid. They see ANY sign of weakness and work on it. If they sense you're faltering and weakening, they'll pounce on it. And once you've given in, they know its worthwhile trying their tactics every time, because they had success with them in the past.

It's hard. It's REALLY hard.

As for getting up in a morning...

"If Bunny is awake, you can get up. If bunny is asleep, you can use the bathroom, and sneak straight back, but don't waken Mr Bunny!"

You set the "alarm" time and at the appointed time, Bunny's ears pop up and his eyes open.
It means that kids don't need to be able to tell the time to know that its too early yet.

SolitaryAngel said...

Benadyl, baby. Word.

SolitaryAngel said...

That's Benadryl.