Sunday, May 3, 2009

To the people in front of me - it's an EXPRESS lane. For people who only need a couple of grocery items. The supermarket even puts up a helpful little sign above the checkout that says 'Express Lane - 12 Items or Less'. Dividing up the contents of your basket and paying for each lot of 12 separately does not count. You're killing the 'Express' part of the process for the rest of us. Please go use a regular checkout like all the other people are doing. And I know coins are legal tender and all that, but for the love of all thats good and holy please don't start counting out the small ones to pay for your third batch of groceries.

And person behind me - if I can feel your breath on my neck, you're standing too close.

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Anonymous said...

LOL!!! I friggin HATE the grocery store. I love to cook, love to look at all the shiny items stacked ever so neatly on the shelves but the people... oh the humanity. It's enough to make me Anorexic. I can't take the ones that just stand right in your way obliviously comparing prices. And also, I can only go on Sunday. It is the ONLY day when I am not working or at Little League or running around like a lunatic doing something or other. Why in the hell is every silver headed person meandering aimlessly around in front of my cart? You can go any time you want. ANY TIME!! Perhaps you could go on Tuesday afternoon. Leave Sunday for us heathenous single mothers that are overworked and underpaid and get the f out of my way.