Thursday, May 21, 2009

To that Super B in Payroll

Listen you super bitch in payroll -- don't tell me right off the rip
"there is nothing I can do to help you" that is your f#$#@$#@ job!!!! I
did submit my time card you dumb b!! Don't accuse me of lying -- I
approve timecards all day long - why would I forgot to pay myself. If
you said one more time "you did not submit a time card" I will come
through this phone a rip your head off. I know there was a problem with
the computer system -- you forgot to mention that -- hmmm - and why
would I lie -- I the 3 years I have worked here I have never once
forgotten to submit my timesheet - and your bad attitude was not
appreciated -- I hope you rot in payroll hell.


Missy said...

oh that sucks ass. Hope you get it all worked out!

Unknown said...

That does suck. I'm amazed at your ability to remember your timesheet. I am late with mine on at least a monthly basis.