Friday, May 15, 2009

You're right, I really do have 3 kids!

I "bribe" my 2 sons in to going round the house in an evening and bringing back all the items of crockery etc that should go in the dishwasher.
They get 2 Smarties (Like M&Ms for people who aren't familiar with Smarties) for looking and trying, and 1 additional Smartie for every item they bring back. (We had tears one day because there was nothing to be found, so we implemented the "trying" reward)
Hubby actually joined in the other day, and expected Smarties??


Teacher Mommy said...

I repeat, you have 3 kids

Anonymous said...

Who isn't familiar with smarties?

Anonymous said...

My mom always said, "Your husband is your first child."

Liz Lancs said...

Sorry, I dunno! I'm in England, I can't remember if you had Smarties in the US last time I was there.

I thought I'd better explain that they're small, sweets/candy and as such a rather insignificant reward.

Anonymous said...

Smarties are amazing - they don't sell them where I live, so I make sure to pick up TONS of them every time I travel to somewhere that does...I have a nice little stash going on in my freezer.

Unknown said...

Smarties!? I can see why he started pitching in. Hilarious.