Wednesday, June 3, 2009

If you can't do you job right...

Multiple choice questions:
1. Your employee of over a year is consistently incapable of doing her job, frequently screws up simple tasks, constantly has to ask the same question over and over again and still manages to get it wrong, is rude to customers, has basically no skills. What is the proper course of action?
A) Fire her
B) Demote her
C) Send her back to training until she CAN do the job she is paid to do.
D) Find another employee who CAN do the job and then make her spend hours correcting all the stupid mistakes made by the incompetent employee. Never tell the incompetent employee that she has made any kind of mistake and allow her to continue to screw up every document that crosses her desk.

If you picked D, you must be my boss.

2. Your roll as boss is to:
A) Make sure your employees are doing their jobs properly
B) Make sure your employees show up for their scheduled shifts
C) Oversee the work being done in your office
D) Sit in your office with your feet on your desk and the light turned out watching Star Trek on line with the volume turned all the way up so that everyone on the entire floor can hear it and occasionally walk around the office making train noises before returning to your office.

Again, if you picked D, you must be my boss,

Seriously, I need a new job. Can someone please pass me the help wanted section?

Kate in K-Town


Anonymous said...

So your boss is Michael Scott?

Kate said...

Haha, yes, yes he is.

kel said...

That's awesome. And by awesome I really mean craptastic. But your post is funny.