Monday, June 15, 2009

Yo! NBC! Get me a lineup!

I find it terribly inconsiderate of the various t.v. channels that they don't show better stuff during the day on weekdays.  Don't they realize that those of us who are prostrate on the couch hacking out our lungs and denuding forests for the sake of Kleenex need entertainment too?  Katie Segal needs to do a voice-over on a few new episodes of Funniest Wedding Outtakes, because I'm pretty sure there have been some good ones since 1985.  And I'm not sure Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams counts as much of anything.  Certainly not GOOD entertainment, I can tell you that.
(How do they get people like Antonio Banderas and those other A-list actors to be on such movies?  Did you know George Clooney is in Spy Kids 3????)
I'm stuck with it tomorrow, too.  If I'm really lucky, maybe they'll be playing a marathon of Full House.
Someone put me out of my misery...

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Unknown said...

You could always do some Hulu TV-watcthing.