Friday, July 24, 2009

Peloton must be French for "Tourture by Neverending Coverage"

Am I the only one who doesn’t give a shit about Lance Armstrong (jerk) and the whole biking thing? How long has this race been going on? 6 weeks? 9 months? Decades? Get it over with already. Give me back my husband (who TiVos it and watches every mind-numbing moment) and my evenings!

And stop pulling me aside at work to talk about it. I don’t care. I’m that person who runs bikers over when they’re crowding my lane in morning rush hour traffic. Find a bike path, for christs-sake! Better yet, go to the gym and pedal in air conditioned comfort while listening to your iPod and drinking Dasani like a civilized human being.

Can’t wait for football….


Unknown said...

Shit... is that race happening again? Didn't it just end or something? I had no clue. At all. And I liked it that way. Thanks for ruining it.
And my house happens to be on the route of some damn bike relay/race/something or other. On a bad weekend, I'll have over 500 bike riders going past my house. And I'm having a hard time stifling the urge to let the dogs out the front door. They like to chase things with wheels.

Amy said...

Hear! Hear! and Ditto! And Me too! And all that.

The bikers and runners on dangerous roads with no bike path on my evening commute - make me INSANE.

Anonymous said...

making jokes about running over a cyclist is just NOT funny!

Unknown said...

I agree. Making jokes about hitting cyclists or setting dogs on them is not funny. If you know/knew anyone who had been hit you wouldn't say those things.
Just wrong.

And Peloton means the main group of cyclists in a race.

And I love the tour. It's one of the few things I get to bond with my dad over.

Anonymous said...

Good Lord. Get a life. And a sense of humor. And pull that stick out of your ass.

Unknown said...

Thanks, anon :)
Being that my dogs are huge beasts that wouldn't hurt a flea, I don't worry about setting them loose on cyclists. They're just easily amused and highly interested in anything with wheels!!
But when you live on a very secluded, narrow, curvy road in the country, and there's 500 cyclists with NO regard for motorists... yeah, it's irritating.
Personally, I have about as much interest in watching cycling as I do in watching Nascar - there's little to no actual "action".