Wednesday, August 12, 2009


My toe hurts so bad! I can't stand getting those snickering comments from people because I want husband being one of them. Hello - I'm only 5'1", that is a pretty big portion of my body (if you don't consider surface area of which I have more than most).

My poor broken toe hurts a LOT. And it's all my husband's fault. If he didn't clean my whole house while I was away, dumping all clutter from the rest of the house onto our bedroom floor for me to deal with, I would have had more space on my bedroom floor to throw my still packed suitcase and it wouldn't have felt the need to jump up and attack me (do suitcases get claustrophobic?)

Oh and what's this crap about the doctor not letting me have an appointment or painkiller until they actually get the X-Ray results? So, I actually have to wait 3 days to get any relief. Day 1 being the day I thought I could suffer silently, Day 2 being the day I had to wait for childcare to get my X-ray and Day 3 being the day that I hope to get results (although the X-ray tech already told me she's pretty sure at least one toe is broken). And yes, I have had 2 children (by C-section) the moment this hurts worse because I had drugs then. And the hardest thing is that I want to write all about my Vegas trip, but am in so much pain that I can only whine.

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Anonymous said...

Broken toes HURT. Is at least *not* the pinkie toe? Tough to get sympathy for that littlest piggie even though it hurts so bad! Here's hoping for some good meds for you. Remember the magic words: "Pain Management"