Friday, August 7, 2009

secret spineless whine.

My Dearest Hubs,

The past two days I've realized that inside that 29 year old, muscled up, oh-so-manly body of yours hides a 4 year old girl. I realize that your dental work has been painful. I also realize you clearly aren't accustomed to such pain. However, the whining, moaning, and groaning performances you've given me since Tuesday are simply too much for me to handle any longer. Yes, dental work is painful. We've all been there. And some of us (gasp!) have actually experienced real (non-dental) pain in our lifetimes. Hard to imagine, I know. Your measly little tooth pain isn't enough to "haul ass to the emergency room RIGHT NOW for a morphine drip." Sorry kid. They'd laugh us out of the damn waiting room.

So my dear, listen closely. Grow a pair. Take some percocet. And shut the fuck up.

-Your loving and adoring wife


Anonymous said...

hysterical!! I know, my husband was writhing in pain yesterday and it looked like he was having a heart attack and when I was so concerned and asked him what was wrong he finally was able to tell me that he bit the inside of his cheek. Oh come on, your cheek!!! and I thought by his actions that he was dying. that is the last time that I get concerned!

whacker said...

Man sick! Man sick!

Who said women are the weaker sex, again? Remind me so I can whack them over the head.