Wednesday, August 26, 2009

They do it in spring, in fact do that whole year around, plus in fall they add a new freaking dimension to freak me out! And boy, how they love to do it on weekend mornings (which are like mid-night for people like me)

Well, here I'm talking about 'bluudy grass mowers' , to be politically correct, this is nothing against the persons who do it , this rant is strictly against the bluudy contraptions they use to do it.

Every weekend morning, they decide to trim the grass right below my bedroom window and do it till I wake up and tear my hair in frustration.

Geez, can't they invent (here they being people who made such machines) some better device which doesn't make noise, or little noise. All they have now is some stupid machine which blurts noise like 100 jets revving up to take off right under my bedroom window.

And come fall, they come back in teams, one guy doing this usual lawn mowing stunt, and supporting cast guy does this leaves gathering act using some equally stupid device- which looks like as if he is scattering the leaves instead of collecting them using that big hose which blows air out of it, in fact more noise then air.

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