Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I took your advice and. . .

I quit my job that had crappy hours (noon-6p when you have kids going to school for the first time in their lives after years of homeschooling is the pits) and yet I'm STILL working there. And feeling responsible to be there because they haven't found a replacement. So I'm still juggling babysitting, driving to afterschool activities, and life in general for MINIMUM wage. Yep, when the state of Ohio raised the minimum wage in January, I (a college grad) got a freakin' raise. How awsome is that? And my hubby is all like, "Why don't you just not go in?" And I'm all, "Well, my first job in a gazillion years and you, Mr. Responsible, don't get why I feel the need to leave my place of employment on good terms and the right way?" And he's all, "Well, yeah, but. . . ." So I guess responsibility only applies to men? I don't know.

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Anonymous said...

Decide on a date and stick to it. Put it in writing that you'll no longer be able to come in to help them out after that date, unless they're prepared to pay your new hourly rate of $(insert ridiclously high rate) and leave it on the bosses desk.

Unless you like the being around people. I've done jobs for far longer than I should have done simply because I didn't want to spend the days alone until I found another job.