Saturday, September 26, 2009

mother in law torment

I KNEW I shouldn't have shown her how to use facebook. Now that woman can say ruder terrible things in a public forum. And my family is starting to dislike her more then I do.


Anonymous said...

so glad mine is computer dumb.

Anonymous said...

Ah, but now that she has done "this facebook thing," there is some small benefit, isn't there? out of seeing her make an arse out of herself in a public forum? now people know what you've been dealing with? In my case, my mother in law tends to be nasty in private, few people around to witness. So they will say, "your mother in law is the sweetest lady" and I think, "not if you're her married to her son, trust me."

So yeah, I wouldn't mind a little vindication every now and again.

Gloria said...

Ha! Ha! lol!!! I was surprised to get a message from my father-in-law on facebook . . OMG, what next?

The pale observer said...

Yikes!!! I just wrote a post about parents on facebook. Though I meant ME as the parent. I can't imagine what it would be like to have our parents on!!

Sorry. I commisserate. Great blog - love the title too!

Your newest reader. Holli in Ghana.

The EGE said...

This is why certain relatives of mine will never have a facebook. Ever. If my parents get a facebook, they will be able to see into my private life that I'm fine with my peers seeing, but not my parents.

~~~~The EGE