Friday, September 18, 2009

why can't people return phone calls?

is it me, or does it bother you when you call someone and they NEVER return your call? so you give up and try sending a text. maybe they can't hear their phone ringing, maybe they don't know how to access the voicemail..but today, most people know how to open, read and then respond to a text. you even stress in both the voicemail AND the text that it is time sensitive what you must relay to them. and they still don't reply. what the hell is up with that? so what do you do? try to leave a detailed message in the mere four freaking minutes you are allotted in the voicemail? hang up and call back, giving yourself the gift of an additional four minutes? wonder if they are sitting and looking at their phones ring, light up or vibrate, with your number shown on the caller id? why don't they just answer the damned thing, take the call, and be done with it.
well, I am beginning to wonder if I should just say <strike> f*#$k< /strike> screw you! YOU figure it out then...and if it bites you in the ass, you only have yourself to blame.
there. ((whew)) I think I feel better.
but I really don't.
damn it.


shrink on the couch said...

Wait, are they in their 40's or older? A little slack for the seconds-away-from-senile, please!

Anonymous said...

just turned 41..but very tech savvy. words are just words..back them up with action, please.

Anonymous said...

I have felt the same way many many many times before.

One of the most annoying things in the world.


Kind of makes your curse technology and wish we were back in the old days where you had to go see someone.. they cannot avoid you then. Lol

Anonymous said...

agreed! but when you live far enough away that that isn't an option, not returning a phone call can really irritate you.

Protea said...

Also irritating is the non-reply to emails. I email my in-laws photos of their grandchildren and hear NOTHING back. So I go without emailing the photos and suddenly they are whining to my husband about not getting any photos. Uuugh.

gennyg said...

I am approaching 40 at a pretty good clip and it makes me insane when people don't return calls, emails. Business people, business calls. Ugh. I don't think I will understand why people don't return calls. (note: of course this precludes obvious reasons) Thanks for sharing my pain!