Monday, October 5, 2009

You're not listening

So, the DH is a water master. A new chlorinating system was just put in...I get a glass of water. Oh. Dear. My. "Hey guy, I think you have problems w/your chlorine."
He takes a sip. "Yeh, you can taste it."
Me, "Ah, yes..."
"Well, it's running about 1.5 which is a little strong, but when we had water quality problems about 2 years ago, I used to run it there all the time and you used to drink the water. It has been much lower lately and you're just not used to it."
"Yes, it will be fine."
"Well, if I were you, I'd check those figures again, and meanwhile I'm not drinking this.."
Several hours later... "Guy?. Water's not getting any better, in fact I think it's worse."
Long story short. He assures me, his buddy, who is the one with the testing meter, assures him it's all good. But they go to the pump house to check things out anyway. Come back. They've made adjustments. Under control. Meanwhile, I've got my store bought bottled water firmly in hand. People are calling. What the heck is going on, they want to know? So, next morning, I start breakfast, run some water for cooked cereal and remember water problems. Dang. Start to pour water out. I can smell it. Not cooking/eating that! DH is standing behind me and tells me if I boil it the chlorine will boil off. Yes, it will. But hey, guy, WE STILL HAVE A PROBLEM. I get the look. Several hours later I get a phone call. He needs the number for DOH quick. Apparently chlorinating system has malfunctioned. (Really? Chlorine is now at a point where if it was in my swimming pool one would have assumed that it had just been shocked and all swimmers would need to stay out until it dissipated....) There is a problem. His buddy has misread the meter.....
"You think?"
Just saying....

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