Sunday, November 8, 2009

Dr Shithead

Dear Dr Shithead,
I have a fractured disc, you, I was told by your very caring, very intelligent, very worth trust partner, was the only one to see for a specific procedure.  Ok remember I have fractured disc, I have to wait a week and a half to see you because I need a body scan, an xray, and a Dexa scan.  It takes five freakin hours to complete said tests.  I can barely sit for ten minutes on those oh so comfortable waiting room chairs at the imagining center..  So I stand leaning on a high counter, with arms crossed against my chest.  Apparently I stood there so long and pressed arms so hard, I cracked my sternum.  Lucky me.
I should have known the appointment wasn't going to go well as soon as I walked into the building. I have never been to this branch office, of course that is 30 miles from my house.  There was a big lovely fall wreath on the front door, apparently hiding an important sign.  So I go to the front desk, putting my coffee cup down to sign in, and fill out the same form I have filled out every time I see these doctors..  An employee walks into the waiting room screeching, "whose's coffee is this", "Mine I said, sorry I will pick it up in a sec", she says "Can't you read? There is a sign on the front door saying no food or drink".  I said "No, but you do have a lovely wreath there".   I usually use the office close to my home, and the last time I was there with coffee, the receptionist said while laughing,  "What no coffee for me?"
I get called back to the exam room, where the temperature was oh like 115 degrees, not the place to leave a woman in her 50's for more than an hour.  Dr Shithead has a booming voice, I heard his entire conversation for an hour about a real estate transaction.  Remember I am still in pain with disc fracture.  The only place that I am anywhere near comfortable is on the doctor's chair, you know the one with the wheels, that every doctor in the world uses.  Shithead finally comes into the room,  he doesn't introduce himself, just says "You are in my chair", I say "It's the only place I am comfortable".  He says "GET UP".  Funny thing is when I saw his partner and sat in the same chair, Dr said "Please sit I want you comfortable". 
Dr Shithead asks why I am there.  Told him I wanted his special procedure.  He said WHO TOLD YOU I WOULD DO THIS? in his booming voice.  I said YOUR PARTNER.  So he looks at my test results, said "You wasted my time, there is no way I will do this procedure on you"  By that time I had freakin had it.  I said, "I wasted your time?, does that mean I don't have to pay you?"  "I only came here because your partner TOLD me to".  He finally went and got his partner who was also seeing patients.  The GOOD doctor apologized, saying without the results of your tests I was not sure if new procedure would help you..  I will do different procedure, please let me set it up as soon as humanly possible. 
 So Dr Shithead, could you please go rot in hell?  Thank you.  You could have been decent, saw me on time,  told me Im so sorry but I cannot help you.  I would have understood.


Miz Q said...

Oh hunny! You don't only need to rant here, you need to post this on Angie's list and leave feedback on his website and everywhere ELSE you can find! Who NEEDS this guy?

Anonymous said...

Man that sucks! Wish there was a website you could leave feedback on that his superiors would see...

Anonymous said...

You should write a letter to Dr. Shithead's boss. And post on Angie's list and Yelp. The behaviour of everyone in his whole office as well as him should be noted.