Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Damn you Google Voice!

So, my husband is a smart guy. Sometimes too smart. He signed up for a service called Google Voice – one phone number which will ring all of your phones in order until one picks up: cell, home, office, voicemail. Brilliant.

Except, he’s in California on a business trip and has turned his cell off while he’s out to dinner with the guys. I’m in North Carolina (that’s 3 hours ahead) trying to get some sleep.

Goes something like this:

<woman sleeping>

12:02am: Phone rings. It’s a (female) client of his wanting to invite him out for drinks. Sorry to wake you.

12:03am: Same client. Can’t figure out why my husband’s cell phone rings his home. Even after I explain it to her – again.

1:32am: Client he had dinner with. Great sushi. Wants to see if they can meet for breakfast.

1:57am: Husband. Saw I called. Why am I still up?


262mom said...

Cool! I am gonna sign my SIL up and have it ring at McDonald's, Planned Parenthood, and the financial aid office at Harvard.

shrink on the couch said...

a penny for your reply

Anonymous said...

Tell him to set his advanced settings on GV so that your home phone does not ring during the night. He can set it so that anyone in his business "group" will not ring the home phone.

He's smart, but he's got to dig into the system a little more!