Thursday, January 7, 2010

chocolate chip stealer

I buy chocolate chips to make CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES. Not for you to snack on. If you need chocolate, I can buy chocolate. But I can't make chocolate chip cookies when you eat the whole bag. And remain in denial by not telling me.


jlm said...

That is funny, and the same thing happens t our house. In fact, today a friend reminded me about the time that our daughter, probably 3 or so at the time, snuck a jumbo bag of chocolate chips in he room and barricaded herself against the door to eat them. Aah, the chocolate chip thieves. Always lurking.

phd in yogurtry said...

ditto mini-marshmallows. we've got a posse of marshmallow moochers in the hood, as if my own kids' weren't enough.

Anonymous said...

My husband does the same thing. The only tell-tale sign is a lone chocolate chip in the counter (or the floor) every other day. "How did that get there?", he says.