Thursday, January 7, 2010

chocolate chip stealer

I buy chocolate chips to make CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES. Not for you to snack on. If you need chocolate, I can buy chocolate. But I can't make chocolate chip cookies when you eat the whole bag. And remain in denial by not telling me.


jlm said...

That is funny, and the same thing happens t our house. In fact, today a friend reminded me about the time that our daughter, probably 3 or so at the time, snuck a jumbo bag of chocolate chips in he room and barricaded herself against the door to eat them. Aah, the chocolate chip thieves. Always lurking.

shrink on the couch said...

ditto mini-marshmallows. we've got a posse of marshmallow moochers in the hood, as if my own kids' weren't enough.

Anonymous said...

My husband does the same thing. The only tell-tale sign is a lone chocolate chip in the counter (or the floor) every other day. "How did that get there?", he says.