Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Has anyone else noticed that Necco has changed the flavors of their Conversation Hearts? After working in a flower shop all through college I developed a DEEP dislike for Valentine's day. The white conversation hearts were the only thing that could redeem that day for me. And now? They taste like wacked out Pez. And not even the good Pez I remember from my childhood but the 'improved' version they have out now that taste like chemicals with flavoring added.


262mom said...

I haven't noticed because, I haven't hit the hearts yet this year. That comes next week. The white ones always tasted like toothpaste BTW, but I did enjoy the orange and yellow ones. I'd hate V-day too if I was you - honestly. I really don't like it that much anyway. I would just focus on finding your own new Vday candy that maybe you only eat on Vday. Or maybe a good Vday wine?

Anonymous said...

That's pretty depressing, actually. I have always been a fan of the original flavors. And then they came out with all these other flavors... tropical, etc. It's always disappointing when you see a bowl of them out and you grab one and it just tastes... wrong.

Still, my husband proposed to me using conversation hearts, So, I guess I can't totally boycott them.

MacBug said...

I know! Seriously we should petition necco. I loved the slightly dusty sweet taste so much. so many smoopy romantic moments in my past were punctuated by those silly little candies. I'm sad they changed.

262mom said...

OMG. You are right....this is awful!!!