Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Isn't this my vacation too?

My Dearest Hubs,

I know our upcoming trip back to New Orleans for a visit is exciting for you. It's exciting for me too. Yes, I realize you grew up there, while I only lived there a few years. Yes, I realize your grammar school/high school/college friends/former coworkers/neighborhood grocery store check out lady/dry cleaner/pharmacist/baseball coach/and your 3rd grade math teacher are all eager to see you, but notsomuch me (since you never bothered to introduce me to them when we lived there for years...together). You see, when you tell me we're going to need to make time for all these important people, it makes me... completely... INSANE.

But guess what? This is my vacation too. If I want to take 1 measly hour out of a 5 day trip to go get a pedicure from my most favorite place in the world, guess what? I will. And if I want to "waste" an hour or two or hell, even three, shopping, guess what? I will. And if I need to go have a drink with a girlfriend (mainly to bitch about you), I fucking WILL.

Stop trying to write a damn itinerary in fucking stone. Please?

-Your loving and adoring wife


that girl said...

I sooo get you, I so get you.

take the time for YOU.

just do it!!

shrink on the couch said...

And that drink would be a hurricane, wouldn't it?

Not Too Old said...

Go for it dear. What is it about husbands that makes them feel we must be present and engaged at every single second of their vacation?