Monday, April 26, 2010


Before you go telling me how inappropriate my daughters hair cut and color(s) is, you might want to consider something. My daughter listens to me and is well behaved. Yours is addicted to the internet and so spoiled she can be heard whining from down the block. Who is the bad parent here?


Anonymous said...

Very good point. My son started asking me for a mohawk when he was 5. By 10 yrs old, he still wanted one, so fine, he got one. Alot of people talked about it, even my parents weren't too thrilled - but he is a calm, loving, respectful kid who just likes funky hair. It also is temorpary and grows back unlike tatoos or piercings. Let them experiment all they want with their hair, get creative - and they will think of their parents as "cool" and understanding hopefully!

SumSum said...

I have a daughter?