Wednesday, April 14, 2010


In the past three weeks I have had my house broken into, and had to rush halfway across the country because my family was worried that my grandfather was dying. Then my aunt and I spent 5 days taking 12 hour shifts at his bedside because the rest of the family had worn themselves down from doing it and were in bed sick. Then while I was there my doctor calls me and tells me I need to have a biopsy done to make sure I don't have cancer. I finally make it home after fighting to keep my grandfather alive and then my sweet little dog gets out of the backyard and goes missing. I then find out the next day that she was hit by a car. After I spent 24 panicked hours trying to find out if she was ok and where she was and finally get her home I let you know. You then reply that I should come over to your house because "you are stressed and need attention". Really?! YOU are stressed? I can't imagine why! You seem to have pretty much checked out while I was going through all this, so WHAT could you POSSIBLY be stressed about?!


ShallowGal said...

I was going to make a joke about having a penis being very stressful, but that's jumping to conclusions that your stressed out friend is a man.

(Was I right?)

pam said...

You need to leave a message on your answering machine that says 'if this is _____ i can't come to the phone because i'm currently kicking your ass to the curb.'

srob said...

ShallowGal you are right on the money! Pam, love it! It's probably a good thing he wasn't standing in front of me when he said this because I do believe steam was actually coming out of my ears. He jokingly replied after I informed him that giving him attention was the LAST thing on my to do list that he "sees where he ranks". I said yes, you are exactly right. My dog is more important than you.