Monday, May 24, 2010

A Whine

I sent my immediate family an email this weekend. It read "finally after ten years of marriage and three children, we have a booked a trip away together." It included the dates that our children will be staying with my family. My father responded that maybe my sister (middle child that we tip toe around) and her soon-to-be-husband should come along. My mother seconded that idea and said my sister should plan a week away because she's probably exhausted after planning a wedding*. No one mentioned us, the couple that has spent the last seven years wiping asses times three.

I wanted to respond, that if she makes it to ten years and has three children she will realize that planning her wedding for a year WAS a fucking honeymoon.

*Wedding next month. Insert jazz hands here.


Katie said...

Oh! The poor, poor misunderstood brides of today! I mean, do we go with white or ivory for our gown? To veil or not to veil? And should the bouquet be all white, or color? Real or silk? The tedious HORROR of the planning!!!


Maybe, seeing as how the family responded to your e-mail, planning her wedding HAS been a war zone. I mean, are they usually that misguided and crazy?

And people wonder why my hubby and I got married in a living room, on a Tuesday night, after giving everyone 67 hours notice.

shrink on the couch said...

Clueless. WTF? Ya'll want a vacation ALONE. And a bride and groom GET a honeymoon. THAT's their vacation after planning a wedding.

Liz Lancs said...

I really hope you pretended that you never got their emailed replies!