Friday, May 7, 2010

Work Whine

Dear rest of the office;
If you are all going to leave me alone here, literally, the only one in the office,on Friday afternoons AT LEAST give me the authority to deal with problems b/c the s**t always seems to hit the fan right about 4:00 and all I can say is "Uhhh you need to talk to so and so, He's not here can I let you leave a message?" And then I get yelled at b/c people want to know why no one is in an office at 3:30 on a weekday. I know you all want to go home at 3:00 and go fishing or whatever but I'm just the part-time secretary. Since I am at the absolute bottom of the food chain around here any mistake I make is landing firmly on your shoulders not mine. Just something to think about.
P.S. Mr. Boss, Three phone lines cannot sanctimoniously be answered by one person. When you call three times and don't get an answer b/c I am too busy getting screamed at by and angry parent, and then yell at me b/c I'm the only one here...not cool! Have to go now, phone is exploding. Ugh.


cardinal said...

I think you meant "simultaneously" but I love the idea of answering the phone "sanctimoniously" and plan to try it out. I hope your weekend makes up for your terrible Friday.

262mom said...

I feel your pain but obviously you haven't watched enough lifetime TV. With all that alone time there is tons of shit you could pull just to watch it unravel. LOL

Anonymous said...

Cardinal, Lol, yes, I did mean simultaneously. I was too busy answering the phone to spell check the spell check..oops! Although, I too like the idea of answering the phone sanctimoniously. Maybe I shall try that today.