Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Bitch List

Things that have made the last 24 hours fun, and those that will make the next 12 hours even more fun:
1.  Migraine
2.  'Aunt Flo'
3.  Toddler loses paci.
4.  Insomnia
5.  Toddler wakes up 6 times (after I finally fall asleep) looking for lost paci.
6.  Toddler wakes up at 6 a.m., crawls into bed with me and announces, "The sun is out!"
7.  Today is toddler's birthday.
8.  Still have migraine.
9.  Toddler still doesn't have paci.
10. Toddler will not nap today without paci
11.  I would buy him another but I would feel guilty because today he's 3.  Do I really want this to continue?  Quite possibly, yes.  (go ahead and judge me now!)
And how was your day? 

1 comment:

ShallowGal said...

The day the "paci fairy" came and exchanged Eli's Paci for a leapster was coincidentally the last day he ever napped. He didn't mind losing the paci, but boy, did I mind losing that nap.