Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Way off Target

Really, Target.com?  You don't tell people items aren't in stock or unavailable?  You just randomly change the color of the item added to the cart?  No pop-up, no warning?  How pissed would I be to open a box, expecting 4 white and 2 black Champion compression t's for my sons, and find 6 'Cupid Red' t's?  REALLY SUPER PISSED.  Be glad I noticed the problem before I finished placing my order and called to question what I was seeing. 


262mom said...

I think Victoria's Secretiveness did this to me the other day. I thought I ordered the bikini in a print, but received it in poppy red. I just kept it since it was on sale and I plan on wearing it 900 miles from anyone I know. But yeah, that's not a good thing for everyone.

Anonymous said...

You're on a list somewhere... just saying. :)