Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bail out this Farm!

My daughter spent $285 on "gems" for the FREE "farm story" game on her ipod. How do those game developers sleep at night?

And WTF is the connection between farms and gems anyway?

(Yes, I should have noticed that she somehow figured out the itunes
password and shouldnt have linked my credit card to the account. Hell,
I got what I deserved letting a 9 year old child even have an iTouch.
I'm a miserable mother. I just wish I were a miserable mother with an
extra $285)


Anonymous said...

my daughter's been bugging me to "update" my credit card so she can download a "free" game. I always wondered why a CC needed if the stuff is free. Now I know.

Jodi said...

Ouch. I had to change my iTunes password because my 11 year old bought an $8 war game. Both the cost and the content violated my rules. Now my 16 year old is all, "Why can't *I* know the password? *I* didn't buy that game!" Too bad, sonny, momma is in charge of passwords.

Liz Lancs said...

I agree with Jodi, Ouch!

I got my 10yr old son a pre-pay credit card, and pay half of his weekly allowance on to it. He uses it for his iTunes and amazon and another online gaming thing called Steam.

I'm trying to teach him a lesson that I found hard as an adult - that even though there's no cash changing hands, and you might forget what you bought, it STILL counts, and you still have to have enough money to pay for it. (His dad could do well to learn that lesson too!)

In return for this freedom of finance, I have no say in what he's buying (as long as its legal! and age appropriate) so I can't tell him I think its a rubbish game and he shouldn't get it, etc.

In the UK, there are a couple of cards that don't need ID to get them, and the child can ONLY spend what's available on the card. Ours is Virgin. Not sure what cards may be available in other countries though.