Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hi Godmom!!!

Hey! I am following you on Twitter. I doubt you will follow me back though since you are all "famous" and shit. You haven't seen me since I was 12. I think that the only reason my mother, your 2nd cousin, made you my godmother is so she could say my Godmother is a C-list actress. But your husband is B-list. Sometimes I wonder if she even told you that your were my Godmother???? Since my aunt stood in for you at my baptism. Well, if you follow me back I will try again to watch your did not hold me the first time.  My blog is really funny though, and I could uh, really help you with your website some. Well, see you around. P.S. I am really glad you haven't fallen for any of those Real Housewives - in California. Smart Move!

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